The Dozen Delivered


1  |   Your select your favourite 12 wine varietals

2  |   We hand pick the very best boutique produced wines from our portfolio to match your perfect mixed dozen

3  |  Your perfect wine dozen is delivered to your door within days.


How it Works.


A dozen wines delivered to your door, Australia wide for only $220.


You pick the varieties you love and we’ll do the rest.



Choose Only Your Favourites


Don’t like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir but rather partial to a good Shiraz and Chardonnay? No problem. Select your favourite varietals below making sure to make up a total of 12 bottles.


We guarantee that every single bottle in our portfolio has been tried and tested for quality, taste and value. We know that we and our producers and believe in sharing only quality wines with our community, meaning there are no dud bottles included in our selections, ever!


Hand Picked for You


Please note that our wines come from boutique, small batch producers and are often limited in quantity. Therefore, the actual wine brands pictured on our site may differ from those hand picked and delivered to you (though the varietals will always match your preference). Plus, we will always pick a wine of equal or greater retail value than the one pictured on our site if the one pictured is not available.


Cleanskins or Brands?


We seek out the very best of Australian boutique wines.


We don’t sell clean skins; we sell wines made by incredibly talented and passionate producers who are proud to put their names on the fantastic wines they craft. However, as our portfolio evolves you may see images on our site of bottles with no labels, which simply indicates you are making a varietal selection, rather than selecting a particular brand or vintage.


As we make new discoveries, we will continue to bring you a selection of our enduring favourites and the very best new wines.


Want something even more specific? Make your special request here.

The Dozen Delivered


  Product Quantity
Dozen offer Shiraz
Dozen offer Cabernet
Dozen offer Pinot Noir
Dozen offer Rosé
Dozen offer Pinot Gris / Pinot Grigio
Dozen offer Sauvignon Blanc
Dozen offer Chardonnay
Dozen offer Sparkling
Sparkling Red
Alternate Varietal - White
Alternate Varietal - Red
Semillon / Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
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